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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a model for enabling on-demand access via the Internet to a shared pool of computing resources, including networks, servers, applications and database storage. These resources can be easily configured and provisioned with minimal effort, which is what makes cloud computing so convenient and cost-effective. But for many organizations, it can be confusing to understand which types of cloud services are best for their business, and how and when they should migrate to the cloud—if at all. Tek Advisors can help you with your cloud migration journey, recommending various technologies and helping you choose the cloud services that are right for your business and budget. Reach out to us and set up an exploratory call to see how we can help YOUR business take advantage of the cloud!

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How does Cloud Computing Work?

Cloud computing essentially involves access IT services over the Internet instead of locally. In the past, companies hosted their applications, servers, storage, file sharing, backups and other IT services on the premises, including IT staff required for support.

With the cloud all of this moves off-site. Software application, servers, compute power, storage drives, backups and other IT services are now hosted off-site, typically by a third-party.

How Businesses Are Using the Cloud

Organizations use the cloud across a broad range of tasks and functions, with more applications becoming cloud-based every day.

Cloud-Based Office Productivity Apps

Two of the most well-known providers are Microsoft and Google, which offer cloud-based productivity software and services. These include apps for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations, business email and calendaring services attached to custom domains, and communication tools (such as messaging and video conferencing).

Cloud Data Storage and File Sharing

As the amount of data being created each day grows rapidly, companies need reliable ways to store and share this data. The cloud provides this ability. IDC predicts that as much as half of the world’s data will reside in the cloud by 2025.

Three Ways Tek Advisors helps Businesses use the Cloud

Cloud Infrastructue

Moving to the cloud reduces IT capital and operating expenditures. Companies who migrate to the cloud eliminate the need to invest in the servers, routers, storage disks, network switches, software and other physical infrastructure they had to pay for when they hosted their applications, storage, networking and compute power themselves.

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops separate a computer desktop environment from the physical computer using desktop virtualization. It uses a client-server model to store a “virtualized” desktop on a remote server in the cloud. Hosted virtual desktops let employees access their desktops from any location and any device. This increases flexibility and boosts productivity.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Companies are reducing their exposure to losses from natural disasters and hackers by using cloud backup and recovery services. The cloud is more reliable than other backup methods (such as tapes and disks) and offers the added benefit of allowing companies to restore lost data at any time from any location.

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