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Business Phone Systems

What Is the Best Business Phone System?

Business phone systems are no longer simple tools that only make and receive calls. Now, a world of options has opened up, with cloud-based solutions that allow employees to communicate not only by voice, but also by video, instant messaging, email, desktop sharing and more. Increasingly replacing old Private Branch Exchange (PBX) hardware, these cloud-based, omnichannel systems are known as Unified Communications (UC) or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). At Tek Advisors, we support a wide variety of UC solutions from multiple vendors, including Microsoft 365 Business Voice. We also offer 3CX Service Voice, a new suite of cloud-based UC services that can be customized to fit your needs. To learn more about which business phone system is best for you, fill out the form to talk with one of our experts to guide you through all the options

Unified Communications

You get voice communications, chat, presence, mobility, collaboration, desktop sharing, faxing, voicemail and business SMS in a single platform and integrated suite of applications. Our geo-redundant and active-active architecture delivers the +99.99% uptime you demand.

Hosted VoIP

Eliminate equipment and carry your communications infrastructure anywhere you go with cloud hosted VoIP communications. Enjoy the features you expect, including local, long distance, and international calling, voicemail, phone extensions, staff directory and keeping your existing phone numbers.

Three Ways Tek Advisors Provide Amazing Value

Business SMS

Do your customers and employees prefer texting over talking or emailing? Put the power of Business SMS under their thumbs. With our solution, your employees send professional text messages to colleagues, clients and departments from their business number. They text seamlessly across smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Team Collaboration

Our solution integrates with Microsoft Teams and other collaboration applications. Share screens in broadcast mode for product demonstrations or in a fully interactive mode for a collaborative work session. Use instant messaging, video chat and other tools to improve collaboration and team cohesion.

Savings on Hosted or On-Premise Solutions

Leveraging SIP trunks through our certified partners we can build extremely affordable call paths!

Tek Advisors has strategic vendor relationships with national distributors that help us get you the best price.

Not only do you get a discount on your purchases, we get it right the first time. VoIP solutions are different than traditional PBX's. New telephony takes away the barriers that traditional systems had. WFH (work from home) or at the office we can have the phone ring all locations. We have a mobile app for Android and iOS.

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VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol. VoIP is a technology that allows your voice to be sent over the Internet. Using a broadband Internet connection and subscribing to Tek Advisors allows a person to make phone calls over the Internet.

Session Initiation Protocol – a signaling protocol for Internet Telephony. SIP can establish sessions for features such as audio/videoconferencing, interactive gaming, and call forwarding to be deployed over IP networks, thus enabling service providers to integrate basic IP telephony services with Web, e-mail, and chat services.

You will need a broadband Internet connection such as Metro Services or Cable or others (T1, wireless, etc.).

Losing power can cause your Internet connection to go down. If this happens you will not be able to make calls unless you are equipped with a backup UPS, which could power the connection for a limited short duration. Using a UPS to power your modem and VoIP ATA should allow an Internet connection to be maintained for a short duration and should suffice for short local outages, providing that your ISP is still powered up from your connection to their head end. For larger outages the loss of Internet may be more problematic, as for instance a cable company depends on amplifiers to power some of their equipment. If those amplifiers lose power then their system will go down in that area, including both TV and Internet.

Yes, with a LOA we can port your phone number from your current provider to Tek Advisors.

A LOA or Letter of Authorization is a document that allows a VoIP provider to request your numbers on your behalf. This LOA would need to be filled out accurately, signed and faxed to your VoIP provider.

PBX stands for “private branch exchange” which is a telephone exchange or switching a private organization and performs concentration of central office lines or trunks and provides intercommunication between a large number of telephone stations in the organization.

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